Global Warming Update

by abehancock

I’m not going to say that I’ve always liked the Farmer’s Almanac – I think every time I’ve leafed through one it has been either before or after putting the finishing touches on an Uncle Herschel’s Favorite at the Cracker Barrel.  However, I have always put about as much stock in it as I have into the accuracy of today’s climate scientists/professional-panhandlers-for-government-grant-money.  Regardless of whether there is or isn’t global warming, I think everyone should be in agreement that the billions and billions of dollars the government shells out to fight it could be better used else where (like throwing a couple of bones my way so I can pay my student loans off and not having to work two jobs – at least then there would be a measurable result).  I also like that the guy in the Farmer’s Almanac calls himself a “Prognosticator” and that his name is Caleb Weatherbee.  HE’S GOT WEATHER IN HIS LAST NAME!!Image